Thursday, September 17, 2009

“The brightest of minds comes out when alcohol takes its toll.”

What brightest? I mean, what mind?

I wanted to post here the silly things we have talked about - you know, drunkards silly talks. But I’m kinda lazy to recall each verbatim. Me and Farrah laughed our ass off while we were having this conversation with Adrian about Siopao . It was completely insane. It directed me to wonder why do people under the influence of alcohol get more opinionated and contentious, when they don’t usually are when sober? Each one of us had our own say to every single statement - shallow it may seem - we made. Even the most mundane remark about an object or Siopao and the weather in this particular episode, springs a bizarre debate. We tried to make pointless arguments or discourses out of it. I wasn’t that drunk at that time so I was still able to process the conversation. I can’t help but chuckle on its absurdity.

But, hey, indeed, it was sort of a work of the inquisitive, if i may say, side of our dull brains. At least, we thought, as the cliché goes, outside of the box. We made something out of an ordinary flow of conversation. We didn’t submit right away to ones' statement, instead we, to the best capacity we had at that moment, dissected the thought and raised mind boggling – funny it may be – idea out of it.

*** Personal observation and opinion as per that particular event only. And definitely no researches basis whatsoever on direct influence of alcohol intake to being opinionated and argumentative. To Farrah and Ava, thanks for the fun night. Ava, for the record, I kinda agree with the title above ha. *hugs*

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