Thursday, September 3, 2009

“That’s it, I quit, I’m moving on. “

1. I’ve been planning to give up and delete my profile in some social networking sites. Not that I have many, only others I don’t really use anymore. So, gotta delete them. Also, I’m thinking if I’d include Facebook. I'm getting tired of it. If not for the game i'm hooked to - typing maniac - and my cousins, i have deleted it long time ago.

2. That song below will be the last song that I’ll be posting in this blogsite. I hate being so hopeless romantic and i hate relating my feelings to songs. *puke* So, that’s it, that’s my last song.

3. Umh, I’d better start trying to write about this angry activist heart and about my journey as a newbie atheist. I’ll stop posting about stuff I have in my junk box. I’m moving on. They will always be a part of me and I'll always be giddy when sharing about these trashes, but no writing about them anymore. I don't really find the relevance anymore.

4. I’m a very transparent person. You can easily tell when I’m happy, when I’m excited about something, when I’m sad or when something is bothering me. I can easily be read. I have a hard time making some little lies. My eyes would always betray me. More than the difficulty in making white lies, what I hate most being like this is I’m very vulnerable to people’s presumptions. I think I have to try to put on a poker face sometimes.

5. I don’t have a hard time disclosing my feelings. I’m comfortable with putting my feelings into words and letting the person involved know. I don’t have a hard time opening up, even the most intimate side of me. That makes me susceptible to heart breaks. That’s it, I need an overhaul. From now on, I’d be careful with every word that comes out from this mouth. No more “I like you” s, even to friends. I need to protect myself from being taken for granted. My friends and officemates once told me to stop being too nice, it won’t do me good.

6. I’ve got a lot of things planned to accomplish this year. I need to be get going. I don’t want them to see in my list next year. These things include: WWF membership, putting up the Bookmark Collectors Association of the Philippines (I haven’t submitted the requirements to SEC yet), visit Batanes, lessons in Wushu or Kickboxing, study basic photography (already set in October), get a Nikon DSLR, be an active member of KIDS Foundation, put up an NGO with officemates, MA (of course), inquire in the MLQU Law School, get my bookmarks into exhibit, accomplish requirements to get a visit visa to London (with my uncle), 1 out of the country trip (I didn’t show up in my Kota Kinabalu flight. A waste.), start putting up for the dream farm… and many others.

7. I have to stop being childish and irresponsible. I gotta take my meds on time and regularly. I shouldn’t be keeping my laundry for almost a month in the laundry bin anymore. I should cut my mobile credit expenses, as much as possible. I need to finish reading the books that I should have finished reading a decade ago. I need to find a cure to this sleepy head.

8. I need to find who I need to find.

9. Mmm, I’m not sure if I have time for these again, but I think it’s nice to get back doing a few businesses, like I’ve tried before: accessories, Melawares dinnerwares, import apparel, import flowers, personalized corporate giveaways, statement shirts… etc. I had fun when I’ve tried this. I think I’m pretty good at business. Lol. :D I’ve been raised by businessmen, so I kinda know how things should work. But me and my uncle (we’re like brother and sister) always wanted to put up a good farm. We wanted to be farmers (haciendero for short, ambisyoso kami, lol). We wanted to grow fruit trees, trees for lumber, rice, cattles, cows, goats, pigs…etc. We’ve bought several livestock already and we’re slowly putting up structures in our humble and small farm. I’m excited.

10. I should try to relax, take things easy and just try to make myself happy in every single moment. I should get over with getting nervous for no logical reason at all. I should take things as it is. No assumptions and expectations. In that way, I’ll be contented and take bliss in what’s in front of me.

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