Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Hateful Entry

I know people don’t care what I like or don’t like, same as I don’t care much about what people around me like or do not like, but since this is my blogsite I guess I have the right to put a blog entry of things I do not like that most people commit. Don’t worry, it will be done in full consideration of general principles of humanity. I mean, this won’t be rude, but I’ll make this straight and honest, though.

1. People who change their Facebook status every 5 mins. – some kind of an attention deficit disorder inflicted human beings
2. People who brag about their latest gadgets, their travels, their overestimated coolness and everything that needs no bragging
3. People who take a lot of time talking about themselves – achievements, what they know and what kind of people they are
4. People who are so tactless and insensitive to the point of making themselves sound so stupid
5. People who think they’re always morally right and spiritually/religiously transcendent
6. People who are hypocrites, bigots and critics
7. People who don’t listen and accept apology
8. People who are proud and think highly of themselves
9. People who are greedy and stone-hearted
10. People who don’t care… AT ALL about making other people’s lives better, worthwhile and happy in even the most simple act of concern

I’m not saying that I’m an exemption from the list. In fact, by doing this list, I can be identified as: arrogant, hypocrite, critic, tactless. I’m as well mad of myself every time I’m acting the way people I hate do. But for goodness sake why is it so hard to make this world a better place for us all? Sociologically speaking, I know this would be quite impossible for now. We can’t lay verdict to people’s actions based on mere personal perceptions because these concepts are relative and subjective. And we know people come from different perspectives, frameworks, society with diverse ‘moral’ standards, experiences, cultural backgrounds, etc. With such, at the end of the day, I just resort to and remind myself of ‘maximum tolerance’. I’m trying to understand that we can neither force people to conform to what we like and what we know is good for the world nor to any standards for that matter – whose standards in the first place.

But then again I still cry for freedom from all these by all fair means.

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