Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heat Waves

Yes, it’s officially summer!

Don’t get me wrong, you know I love rainy days more but the tip of the ocean is irresistible when the sun is hottest. Don’t you think? Besides, summer means a hiatus of anything relating to university. Damn, I totally need a break from school. This recently ended second semester was the most exhausting semester in my entire academic life, so far. As a fucking full time employee, I had a fucking hard time joggling my fucking full time student’s (number of loads I took is for non working students) schedule to fit everything in their fucking respective slots in my fucking crowded calendar. Five fucks, beat that. And, knowing me, school and work don’t complete my sched. I have my usual pile of commitments with various people, organizations, forums, trainings, and wanderlusting. No regrets though; I learned a thing or two every step of the way and they’re some new drops of wisdom into my empty cup. And, as a bonus, I might land in the Dean’s List, again, this semester. I just got my grades, they are better than the previous semester. See, sometimes, hard work knows how to give rewards. Anyway, what’s more exciting is that the overly busy days are over. For now. Hence, I’ve regained my chance to watch more films, read books – none of those school stuff, please – play soccer, paint, do volunteer work, browse the world wide web, travel up north, meet my friends, review IELTS, rant in my blogs, explore a possibility of a new hobby or enroll at a dance school.

Umh, I might not be able to fly and meet my folks in Bohol just like last year and I’m sad about it, but I won’t let the circumstances spoil my summer. I thought I’ll just carry my backpack up to the northern fence of the archipelago and see what’s there to see. I’ll just meet granny, papa, uncles, jc mae and mama in Butuan on my birthday. I hope time permits me ‘coz that would yet be another semester of schooling. For now, all excitements for summer.

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