Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Hate You, Heat!

Walking through the piercing sea of fire (it’s that hot) on the foot bridge down to the market, where I need to see a dressmaker for my office Monday-uniform. Brando accompanied me and was also complaining about the unbearable heat. He asked me to keep things done fast so we could already eat lunch in a cool restaurant and chill for a bit. But, unfortunately, I brought several clothing with me that I wish to be altered – size – that made the appointment took a while.

Me: I don’t want it too short, though. This one… I’m ok with the shape/cut, just make it smaller… it’s too loose for me. This is actually my boyfriend’s.
Dressmaker: Ok. Let me take some measurements (measuring using her tape measure).
Me: Damn, it’s so hot.
Dressmaker: For this, do you want to have it… (details)

Felt dizzy and my surroundings went black.

Me: Brando… I feel dizzy. (Calling at Brando who was sitting across me)
Brando: Finish that first, then we have lunch.
Me: I fe-e………

I passed-out and fell on the floor. Good thing Brando got up fast and held me before I could hit my head on the floor. After a few while, I regained my consciousness; I was already on a bench. I had everyone in the shop panicked. I felt a very cold sensation from my lower body went up to my brain. Two scared ladies were massaging my hands and feet and Brando was holding a paper using it as a fan. My whole arms and legs got numb and then tingling spreading to my stomach. I can barely move my hands and feet. I got scared that I wanted to cry, but I don’t want to upset the two ladies more so I held it. They kept on saying I’m white as paper. Brando was massaging and giving me water every now and again. After a while, I felt better. I had the dressmaker finish taking the measurements and walked out the shop.

I feel better now except for a swelling toe. I injured it when I fell. And I still hate the heat.

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