Friday, June 12, 2015

The BookMark Collector - Willy Nieuwveld

Bookbed featured Willy Nieuwveld, a bookmark collector from Holland, as the month of June opened. 

Excerpt from the interview article.

If you're still surprised or puzzled that there are people who actually collect bookmarks (yes, as serious and "technical" as stamp and coin collectors, if you know what I mean), then it's time to let it sink in because I'll be proving you wrong in many BookMarked posts to come. I'm not alone in this, I promise! (By the way, read our intro to BookMarked here.)

When I was most active in collecting bookmarks, I was in contact with a lot of collectors from different parts of the world to exchange/trade pieces from our collection, so I thought I might introduce those amazing people to you guys!

***Re-post from where I contribute articles under BookMarked! :)

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