Friday, October 2, 2009

Lurve Bookmarks for My Birthday ;-)

It’s already October but I’m still receiving bookmarks as birthday gifts from people in collecting bookmarks yahoo group. I’m very happy and overwhelmed. I haven’t been participating the exchange since, I think, second quarter of this year because I run out of stock of bookmarks to swap with. If I have to join the swapping, I’m afraid I’d be sending the same bookmark designs to the same people. I'm still upset how rare free bookmarks here and how the commercial ones are so ugly yet expensive. So despite my absence for a few months I still got birthday presents from these people. I’m totally pleased, that I need to recognize these people here in my blog.

*** To you guys, I can’t thank you enough for the bookmarks. You’re all very kind and sweet. Every time I see mails when I arrived home from a very exhausting day at work, things seem to lighten up and I kind of regain an energy and makes me excited to open the envelope/s and check the bookmarks. They are all beautiful. XOXO

Thank you to:
Edith Schaegis of Tomblaine, France
Gaspara Paietta of Volpiano (TO), Italy
Audree Hietz of Champagne, France
Olindo Daliana of Rome, Italy
Alia Fartassi of Barcelona, Spain
Rosa Sahuquillo-Moreno of Albacete, Spain
Geoff Pyke of West Yorkshire, England
Walters Burton of Des Moines, Iowa
Mercedes Cuadrado Balot of Barcelona, Spain

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