Sunday, December 7, 2014


This is a project I want to start next year! Each month, I’ll give you a picture that best summates all the feelings I have in that particular month. This is my way of pushing myself to take more photos, which I sadly often forget.

***Taken at 25/F of Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City (4 December) by Linds

"ANTHILL: Wear your tribe. Wear with pride."

I haven’t featured a shop here. That’s because I don’t want to do anything with propagating consumerism and commercialism. Well, I might have, indirectly, in some entries, but trust me there was no intention purely to that sense.

But Anthill Fabric Gallery doesn’t just sell or sell fashion, they make us love our roots, our own style and products. I had a chance to visit their shop in Lahug, Cebu City with KB and Yza. Anthill has truly beautiful hand woven fabrics from weaving communities around the country. They make me want to start wearing my tribe. Yes, let’s all wear our tribe and be proud of it. That's the point. It doesn't matter whether it's Anthill or what, as long as it's us.

***Taken in Cebu City (2-5 December 2014) by Linds

Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Une joie peut briser tous les chagrins."

One joy can shatter all grief!

I'm tired at work. But this is what I see. I try to fight negativity with kindness and gratefulness. And love. *blows kisses*

***Taken @ Baguio City (23-26 Nov.), @ Tagaytay (24 Jul.), @ Siquijor (28-30 April) by Linds

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My tent on the shore is home

There are places that are just so wonderful they make you happy. 

We slept under our red tent, again. We pitched it at the shore of San Narciso, Zambales on a dark strange night. In the morning, we ran to the waters and submerged to its warm vastness. The place was lovely that I could stay an entire week with just my tent. And you. 

***Taken @ San Narciso, Zambales (30 Oct. -01 Nov. 2014) by Linds

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Make your eco-statement with bamboo drinking straw!

I've always been resentful about plastic straws. I always thought it's unnecessary when you can just sip directly from the glass. But, whether I get the idea or not, some people like using them. In fact, to them it's essential. Now, if you have to use straws, at least, be eco-friendly. It's time to shift to bamboo straws from the plastic ones. With bamboo straws, you don't have to deal with toxic dyes, inks, and nonbiodegradable trash. The way to go!

*Bamboo Straws are available at A Novel Idea Bookshop

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prints on Book Pages and Blackout Poetry!

I haven't told you that I lost more than 70% of my book collection from termite infestation. I was shocked for a few days, but life goes on. That horrible experience taught me many things. Well, things that I thought I already knew, until an incident gave me a taste of what it is really like. Books are the only valuable possession I have. I handle them like treasures - well, in many sense, they really are. When I got so devastated when the pest took my treasures from me, I realized I need to realign or put things in the right perspective. But I wouldn't dwell more on that here. Maybe in the next entries, who knows. 

So, then I started A Novel Idea Bookshop! An online bookstore. I sold many of my books that I "gave up". I also gave away slightly damaged books for free (if you're interested, send me a message through the link). While trying to browse ideas what I can make out of these books, I stumbled on some very interesting ones. Here are some samples I made myself: Cute prints on book pages, blackout poetry, and water color paint! 

You can also do these on old newspapers. Try them out yourself. 

Happy Friday, Darlings! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"I fell in love with the world in you."

I agree, it's like coming home after a very long trip. That's how love feels like. It's like coming home. ***

***Taken @ Maribujoc, Bohol (18-24 June 2014) by Linds

Monday, June 16, 2014

"I would die everyday waiting for you."

Sometimes, when you go to a new place that captures your heart, there's a feeling inside you saying you were born in a wrong country. You just want to be in that new place, start a new life and be a new person or the person you dream to be. Without having the trouble of undoing your past, dealing with your old timid and nervous self. 

***Tokyo, Sendai City, Kesennuma Japan, 27 May - 04 June 2014