Friday, July 31, 2015

"We don't remember days, we remember moments!"

Memories are not forever safely kept in our heads. They fade over time, no matter what. To make it worse, we might completely lose them when we need them most. When we’re old and maybe have so much empty time to think about our past. Sometimes, what are left in us are only vague ideas or uncertain feelings they evoke when recalled.

That is one reason why I take photos. Not of myself, but of what I see and of how they feel that fleeting moment. Photos are printed memories. They’re captured emotions. Arguably, photos are not forever either. They’re just paper and dyes, after all.

But somehow they’re an extension to the lifespan of the memories stored in our heads.

Because of that, I hate losing photos.

Before the days of digital camera, we print our photos on photo papers to actually see them. I ruined many of mine from moisture in my cheap photo albums. It broke my heart. In trying to salvage the few that remained only partly damaged, I scanned them for digital copies in case I’d completely lose the printed ones, which is its inevitable demise.

Then I stumbled on and the idea of photo books. This came after.

And So The Adventure Begins Volume 1 is a compilation of the photos I took in some of my travels. If I have to explain about them, they’re not a showoff of angles, technicalities, and tricks. As I don’t know that. They simply just show what I saw. Some colors were enhanced to give you the closest image of what I saw --- cameras can be so poor in capturing colors. Some were enhanced to achieve the feeling I had as I saw them. In short, if altered, they were altered to show truth.

Photobook is a perfect way of compiling photos. It’s moist-free, space-saving, neat, and clutter free. And cheaper than printing in photo papers.

If you fancy compiling and printing your memory lane into a book, you may also try to visit these sites for photobook service.

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