Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Oh, hey!

It’s been quite a while. No, I have never forgotten this blog. This very personal space of mine online situates near the core of my heart. So no, I’m not abandoning this, even if I don’t really have readers, even it feels like just talking to myself here most of the time. I don’t really mind.

Time. The lack of it kept me from putting together an entry. My weekends were occupied. My nights were tired and ended early. My days were full.

But just like everyone else, I try to cope by going to places, doing the things I love doing, watching films, spending time with friends, and taking plenty of naps in between.

Last May, Brando and I went to Baguio. We climbed Mt. Ulap rather unprepared, hence ended totally beaten up. Good thing we had The Manor as our shelter for that night. From the climb we headed straight to the hotel and never came out for dinner. We ate in bed at six and slept before everyone even started their dinner. It was the most exhausting out of town trip, but hah never mind Mt. Ulap was so beautiful. Sadly, though, I have no photos to show because I brought a camera with an empty battery and Brando lost his phone [which we used to take photos] on our way to the hotel.

We went back to Real, Quezon, for I don’t know how many times now. It’s our favorite weekend getaway. Because it’s just a 3-hour drive from the Metro, it’s a cheap trip: no toll fees, Pacific Recreation Park is budget-friendly, and very convenient for campers like us. And of course, the beach is great. We had Brando’s teammates in Sunken Garden United Football Club for a company this time. Rolly’s pick-up slowed us down on our way back to Manila – clutch problem, overheated, and other engine issues. But I guess that made our trip unusually memorable. 

And there was Deus Sex Machina night (with Brando, Ariane, Sarah, Hendric, Momay, Gino and his bf), interview with The Bookyard Café (KB, Brian, and Gayna) and French Film Festival: Les Souviners with Juliet! And many other fun activities that kept me generally sane.

In the coming months, I wish I’ll be here more often and flood you with positivity and beautiful photos.

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