Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Mind the Gap"

I've been wanting to update this blog but i don't know where and how to start. That's the problem when you've been out for about some significantly long time. Many things had happened and changed in the past months. One major change is that I've moved out from my previous apartment where I lived for about 5 years. I'm renting a new place now inside the campus (UPD). At last.

Me and Brando had one out of the country trip last March. It was a wonderful trip.

In April, I went back home in Bohol after 14 years. Yeah, that long. I remember when I was commuting alone by an old ordinary bus from the city proper to the town of my grandparents, I sat beside a very amiable old man who was openly sharing about how things used to be in the old times. Apparently, the old man is a tailor and from his stories I realized he's even luckier than my late grandpa. My grandpa had sadder stories about his younger days - a true picture of poverty in the rural areas of a third world country. Recognizing the old basketball court landmark, I got off from the bus. Suddenly, I was in my past. Everything seem to be the same – the smell of the place, the sound of the sea along the highway, the road to my great grandma’s house, the houses, the chapel and the woods – yet different. Different because I miss some faces and voices. They’re out to make a living in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, my grandma (with her usual teary eyes every time I arrive home in Butuan) and my sister are there and a few aunts, uncles and cousins. My father was supposed to be coming a few days late but didn’t make it because of some business he has attend to.

I just finished my crush course in Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash applications last summer and University has opened again, hence, I'm back to readings, papers and exams for my M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning at UPD.

Creating a new blog has been lurking inside my head lately. But at this point of my life now, I don't think I can still manage to create and maintain one. So, I thought I'll just stick with this blog. However, I'm changing it's name for the 3rd time.

I’m trying to bridge the gap between from where I was when I left this page to recent happenings, rants and opinions but this is the best that I can do – for now, I guess. Let's just see how time and my frequency here can mend the gap.

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