Monday, April 16, 2012

The Body Politics: Discrimination Against Skinny Individuals

Why are you so thin? Ahuh, you’re oversexed, aren’t you?
Are you sure you’re not a drug addict?
You’re too thin, you’ve got no boobs! You’re front can be confused as your back.
You don’t have eating disorder, do you? *wearing a malicious look*
It’s ok to gain a bit of weight! Too thin doesn’t look good. (says my doctor)

I’m now kinda getting annoyed being told how I look. Worst, if it’s accompanied with some derogatory and out of place statements in a very presumptuous and malicious way. How did my sex life affect the sum of my body parts? I finally settle that this is sheer bigotry beckoning in a broad day light. Skinny individuals are being discriminated as much as the larger ones.

Generally speaking, my body type can be described as short, skinny, and petite. It’s not because I’m oversexed, I’m an addict, I have eating disorder or I have fetish on skinniness carried on by the fashion and beauty industry (which is problematic, by the way). But it’s because of the pre-determined traits I inherited from my parents through this molecular unit of hereditary called genes you ignorant people. No one was smart enough to ask if the same goes with most/some members in the family. However, I admit every time I get such comment I get affected at some level. Then I try to put on a diet that should help me gain weight. Not long enough, I stop it because it just doesn’t work for me. I get stressed-out doing it, which is, ironically, unhealthy. I just don’t have fixation to unhealthy food. I prefer fish and vegetables. I hate sodas. I stick to water (lukewarm). I don’t have appetite for empty-calorie garbage.

What’s more stupid is when women themselves perpetuate the conception that “men like women with curves”. As if what men like are critical defining factors I need to consider in leading my life. Besides, I believe that I have more interesting qualities as a person than what my appearance displays – even if I would have the curves. Physical appearance (sizes and shapes) shouldn’t be used to lay opinions and judgment to any of us because mostly it is a product of nature we have no control of and not a result of hard-work or, say, a noble contribution to society or the amount of love we shared to humanity that we truly deserve credit for.  

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are judged according to how we look whether we admit it or not. Hence, some industries take advantage on this stupidity and tell us it’s not enough to be naturally us. We need some body enhancement and facial plastic surgeries blah, blah, blah, to fit with the ideals. And I couldn’t believe how we allowed to be enslaved with this corrupt idea and make people who don’t fit to the ideals feel bad about who they are.

So, I promise you this, the next time you assume and associate my body type to any stupid and belittling crap I’m gonna let you slurp a pail of pork fat gunk to feed your malnourished brain.  

*Illustration by me (31 Jan. 2012). Although, the concept is not original. I had an inspiration from a picture I found in a website, which I can't anymore trace back. 

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