Monday, May 14, 2012

"Continue to share your heart with people even if it has been broken."

There’s a cloud of memories in my head and a rock of contrasting emotions in my heart right now. All is traced back to the Baao, Camarines Sur trip. Everything I owe from Sarah and the funniest company of Brando, Elise and Rev.

The cloud and the rock:
climbing coconut trees for water--­a dip in an irrigation canal with shirts and panties and, well, briefs for the boys--­Baste’s special dinner recipe--­backyard cocoa and homemade hot cocoa drink for breakfast--­another dip in a cold spring water in the middle of a rice field--­laughing our ass off while my renegade-lover friend snored like a truck (just for rhetoric sake my love)--­drunken sing-along in a booze club­--what-ifs on love and sex uncensored in a bus ride going back at Sarah’s house--­strange conversation topics over a booze with aunt Bidak and Baste--­geek mode--­shouted our diaphragm out on top of the mountain--­sleepy bats at the grotto--­proletariat-love experience­--swept-away by breath-taking scenery--bus rides and Billy Joel--­food: Bicolandia style­--Sarah’s amazing bonsai plants--­and tons of laughter


This was a free trip with wonderful friends Sarah, Elise, and Rev. We stayed at Sarah's home and hiked to a mountain in Baao. All we did was laugh, eat, and sleep. A very memorable travel experience. Now, you must visit Camarines Sur with your friends too. Here are some sites that would tell you why and how. 

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*Taken @ Baao, Camarines Sur (28 April - 01 May 2012) by Linds

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