Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prints on Book Pages and Blackout Poetry!

I haven't told you that I lost more than 70% of my book collection from termite infestation. I was shocked for a few days, but life goes on. That horrible experience taught me many things. Well, things that I thought I already knew, until an incident gave me a taste of what it is really like. Books are the only valuable possession I have. I handle them like treasures - well, in many sense, they really are. When I got so devastated when the pest took my treasures from me, I realized I need to realign or put things in the right perspective. But I wouldn't dwell more on that here. Maybe in the next entries, who knows. 

So, then I started A Novel Idea Bookshop! An online bookstore. I sold many of my books that I "gave up". I also gave away slightly damaged books for free (if you're interested, send me a message through the link). While trying to browse ideas what I can make out of these books, I stumbled on some very interesting ones. Here are some samples I made myself: Cute prints on book pages, blackout poetry, and water color paint! 

You can also do these on old newspapers. Try them out yourself. 

Happy Friday, Darlings! :)

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