Monday, May 9, 2011

Cloudy Summer Reverie

Your warm hand grips gently on my waist.
The other interlocks my wrinkled fingers.
We were swaying as one in space,
Like the wind swings a leaf down from a twig.
Our eyelids close and our ears
Hear only the harmony that beats our waltz
And the pound inside our chests.
The moment transcends our souls,
Bare feet hardly touching the wood floor.
The cool breeze kisses every inch of our skin,
Blowing our hair, waving softly,
Caressing each other’s lips.

It’s summer, but today is cold and cloudy.
A day I would call a reverie.

(Playlist 02: "The Summer Knows" from the film "Summer of "42" (1972) by Michel Jean Legrand. Another fav. of mine)

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