Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our First Mistake: Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk

At this moment, I envy (Though, I’m not really comfortable using this word. I mean, I don’t really feel exactly like the word is defined. I’m just using it for the lack of term. It feels a bit like it, just a little TOO bit that it won’t mean exactly the same. I hope you got me) people who reside or happen to be in the US right now and love musical theatre because they have a good chance watching Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilks’ compositions performed in concert. This is one of the moments when I wish that I already live in an age when "chickens can cross highways without their motives being questioned". If it’s only easy and cheap to cross borders for the sole reason of watching this duo’s compositions performed, I’m already in the US right now. :D

Obviously, I’m in the borderline of obsession with Kerrigan-Lowdermilk’s music. I’ve been listening, lately, to amazing artists delivering their own take on the musical writer/composers’ songs. The lyrics and the melodies are great! It feels real, like everyone can relate to them. The artists that cover the compositions are ridiculously amazing! I thought of posting all the videos here but I changed my mind. I thought I just select one, my super favorite of all and it’s Farah Alvin’s version of “Two Strangers”. But don’t worry, the links below will show you all the performances. I’ve also quoted parts of the lyrics that I most love. Now, click the link. :) Enjoy!

1. “Say the Word” – Vienna Teng
Some nights when the clouds are thick,
And the wind starts to blow.
I stare out my window
Wondering where I will go.
I turn the light out
Under the covers all I think of is you.
Just you

2. “Five and a Half Minutes” – Katie Thompson
I may not ever catch my breath no matter how I try.
And I may never understand how every single day we breathe 23 thousand times.
Because watching your chest rise and fall,
The numbers don’t add up when all we are’s a 100 trillion cells,
206 bones, 5 quarts of blood,
45 miles of nerves nerves nerves and 100 thousand hairs
and too many organs and 60 thousand miles of arteries.
We must have been made by a man ’cause a woman would have made us more economically.

3. “Run Away With Me” – Michael Arden
I’m not good with words.
But that’s nothing new.
Still I have to try to explain what I want to do
With you…
With you.

4. “Not a Love Story” – Kelli O’Hara
You say goodbye, but do you really know it’s over?
You say goodbye, but do you comprehend it?
You go along,
Thinking that things like this never change.
And then they go and change.

5. “Last Week’s Alcohol” – Matt Doyle
Time is passing but we’re still drinking.
Life is passing us by,
We’re drinking last week’s alcohol.

6. “My Heart is Split” – Laura Osnes and Meghann Fahy
I read non-stop to quell the absence.
I drink too much. I fall in love too fast.
Obsessively collecting songs and details
Nothing’s gone but nothing’s lasting

7. “How to Return Home” – Natalie Weiss
Your bare feet sliding on the old wooden floorboards,
Home just as you left it but still you’re shaken,
Like walking into a museum somehow out of time.
It’s all the same except the girl in the hallway,
Where she’s been and who she will ripen into,
Your childhood’s on the other side of a sprawling divide… too wide.

8. “Two Strangers” – Morgan Karr, Matt Doyle, and Jay A. Johnson
And then it’s over.
Just another mistake done over.
There’s no evidence here,
No mark or picture frame.
Just a name in a cell phone,
Stuck in my head,
Smelling boy in my empty twin bed or maybe I’m just conjuring some romance I read.

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