Saturday, February 18, 2012

No to Mining in Palawan!

If you think that it’s ok to allow mining activities in this paradise, then just forget that you encountered this page, forget about the link and just go on browsing other more interesting webpages. It’s not like your stomach aches if you’re not aware about how destructive irresponsible mining could be and not take your little share of action to stop this. So, yeah, it’s ok.

Look, I’m not saying we say no to all kinds of mining activities. As much as I hate to admit it, we need the mining industry to “sustain” this framework of development” our modern world are in now. Quite a tricky paradox, actually. What I’m against at is the irresponsible ones – mining in an island ecosystem, displacement of indigenous communities, enduring skewed mining policies, threatening agriculture and food security, careless excavation and irreversible destruction, unfair share of mining revenues, etc. Don’t ever dare say mining can be a catalyst for economic growth and can reduce poverty in this country. History and figures show it has never ever played a major role in poverty reduction. In fact, it’s the only sector where poverty incidence increased from 1988-2009. They say figures do not establish causality, but they can at least show an association between the industry and poverty that raises questions on the claim that mining improves life in their communities.

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