Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"People will kill you overtime, and how they'll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like: 'be realistic'"

 school girls waiting for their ride back home (taken from the window of the bus)

 iskrambol in the afternoon (taken from the window of the bus)

waving at me in the bus while I was trying to take a photo of them

 tunog kalye at session road

 oh my gulay at session road

 while waiting for rev

 my window in the bus

 i want to get off from the bus and drive a motorcycle to the horizon (taken from the window of the bus)

 sweet baby in the bus

you are run, but you can't hide (at the bus stop)

 kids playing while their mama is selling in the flea market at session road

 a peek through the ruins, also at session road

 jigs, rev and cherry

 my heart beats for you

 kape para sa napakalamig na gabi sa Baguio

... and me by rev

again by rev


I don't know anyone who hasn't gone to Baguio. But here are a few things you should check out so you can try new stuff the next time you get there. 

*Taken @ Baguio City and bus ride going back to Manila (5-6 Feb. 2012) by Linds

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