Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Definitely More Fun in the Philippines

Is it? I’ve been contemplating about it for months. But, no, I have no answer yet. I have tried listing down what’s “more fun” here and, I’ll be honest, I ended up listing the traffic, corruption, bureaucracy, disoriented culture, unreliable justice system and many others. I don’t know, it’s just hard to defend such a big claim for a country that, for me, is obviously quite a mess.

I’m not going to succumb to delusion and wholeheartedly and passionately believe that it’s more fun in this country. However, instead, I can decide to be bias on this one. Hell, I’m a Filipino, you can’t really blame me. This blogsite screams my ever partial views to a lot of things and I can extend it farther on this in favor of my country. Conceding to partiality is not the same as submitting to illusion. It’s just that you’re bias (for certain reasons).

Besides, any country at all can, actually, claim such because the issue is a matter of perspective (in particular aspect/s). Its relative nature makes one difficult to prove and disprove the claimant. So, there’s much trouble in arguing about it and trying to arrive a fair verdict, unless we agree in putting an absolute definition and universal standards for “fun” and use these in an objective assessment. How terrible it is to be living in a world that gives you only nine choices when you think or want to have fun. I feel like being strangled just imagining the idea.  

Having these thoughts about being bias and about perspective, I gave up trying to establish, somehow, reliable grounds (although, it’s still will be opinion-based for the lack of actual scientific study) for the Philippines as more fun (in this case, to visit in). Now, I feel like if I won’t stop here I’d be dragging you to (more) baffling contradictions. So, let me end this blog entry by telling you that unless you come here and see for yourself you’ll never know why or why not. Do not let other people’s opinions decide for yourself. Hop in to a journey and find out. 

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