Friday, March 16, 2012

"If you ever find yourself in a wrong story, leave."

The night sky was very clear.  All the stars gathered and were incredibly visible from that part of the world where we were. We were lying on a fine and soft white sand discussing about the infinity of sand and stars, time travel, gravity, the sun, pyramids and Orion’s belt, tiny and self-centered affairs of humanity, planet Earth, big bang theory, evolution, that almost floating triangle shape in the horizon, aliens bringing human beings into this world, life in other universes, love and dreams. Hearing genuine and crazy laughter (from people having a luau party a few meters away from us) while enjoying the magnificence of the space adorned with glittering stars and pondering its possible truths; its beginning, its progress and its end bring smiles on our faces. It was wonderful.

Morning after, the sun never failed to lighten up our day. It beautifully peeked through from every break and gap of the sliding French door and glowing on its cathedral glass. Outside the door is a sparkling sea gently clashing on the white sand and rock formations. The wind was blowing our hair, swinging the bamboo hammock, and creating a sound as it made the neon-colored flags wave frantically. We were in a nostalgic stilt cottage (with an attic). Before mid-day, Sarah and I got down, through a clumsy stair from the cottage, to the sea. We bathe in its vastness. It felt like we were enveloped by the water and sky.


You have to experience the stilt houses! Just simply amazing! Travel blogs you should read to help you with your itinerary and budget. It's not that cheap here, but it's totally worth it. Mine was a free trip, so I didn't worry about the cost. 

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*Taken @ Stilts, Calatagan Batangas (23-24 February 2012) by Linds


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