Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skinny Love

I arrived home and saw it on the stairs to my room. I stared at it.

It was a very long day that day. But I managed to stretch my energy a bit enough to check out and buy two nice checkered jammies and some foodies for him. Read the food labels carefully afraid that they might not be friendly with his stomach. I tore several leaves in my favorite notebook writing and re-writing my sweet short note. I arranged and rearranged them all inside the box one, two, more than three times very late that night. It was a very long day that day. It all came back to me as I stared at it with a sticker that says "returned". Gravity was pulling me down more than how it should just be.

Then, I thought, the world isn’t romantic. There have been a lot of efforts unrecognized. There have been a lot of time wasted holding on to nothing. There have been a lot of hearts loving unappreciated. In between, which we will only realize later, our pride, our ability to hope, to trust and believe on something like love – like love that defies space and time and culture – have slowly melted away.

In the end, we just try to gather ourselves back together and try to move on or forget. And it’s sad to end up with moving on or forgetting because it means it had failed. 

(Playlist: Skinny Love by Birdy)

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