Thursday, March 21, 2013



And it’s been a very long while. I’m not sure what happened. I guess, that’s just how life goes. We’re fragments of the lives of others, of the definite or indefinite boundaries of the space we occupy, of the accordion of feelings channeled in and out of us, of our history and dreams, of the meanings we make out of our existence, and of the infinite elements we claim as part and apart from us. It is only to say that I get dragged to all the small beautiful lives I make. 

When I browsed this blog a while ago before deciding to write a new entry, it dawned to me how I evolved as an individual, as a spectator of this world. How I love that mystifying process   – the ever evolving idea of life, happiness, dreams. It feels like everything is a rich source of inspiration. 

I never intended this blog to become a showcase of my photography or my travels. It simply is a gallery of who I am evolving with time – more than the places I went to, more than the photos I took or the projects I made. It’s a collection of these little ephemeral emotions I have watching a mother bird making her nest in a tree while spending my afternoon quietly in a bench, so wonderful that I need to keep them in my bank of memories or express it in any way I can and share it with you. See, I’d mourn for the lost memories of how it feels when I was told, “I’m quite a catch.” And I want to stay true to these emotions curled up in the cavities of my heart. 

That’s what you get when you’re here.

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