Saturday, April 19, 2014

"It's times like these I wish I was silently wrapped around you."

Predictability can be boring. What you might learn from it is something you've probably thought of before it even happens. Predictability can be just satisfying. What you have been looking forward to happens as it is. 

I want neither of the two. I want “authentic” experiences, perhaps no one can relate with. I think “curating” one’s experiences in attempt to relate with other people’s experiences isn’t always a good thing. Everyone goes to the places everyone had been. Everyone tells the same experiences going to the same places. That hampers our minds to create experiences that stay true to who we really are.

My skin is burnt as hell. The experience wasn’t what you’d call an ideal scenario of a getaway. But one of the things that made it remarkable was that it stayed real to me, or rather I stayed real to the experience.

GOING TO PUNDAQUIT ZAMBALES, TOO? Here's how! But make it your own authentic experience and look at the view from your own lens. 

How to get to Pundaquit Zambales?
Dukhang adbenturera in Pundaquit!
I heart traveling to Pundaquit!
You might want to stay in Ohayo San Beach Resort.

*Taken at Pundaquit, Zambales (17-19 April 2014) by Linds

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