Sunday, May 3, 2015

Waiting a ride at Buenavista

We toured around Bohol Island! Not to see the tourist spots, but to see what the tourists don't see. 

And as you might have known, public transportation is quite unreliable in rural areas. There's no trip schedule. All you can do is wait and try your luck. So, to get on with our plan to go around the island we had to take several trips on several modes of transportation: Bus (Maribujoc-Tubigon), Jeep (Tubigon-Buenavista), Motorcycle (Buenavista-Getafe), Van (Getafe-Talibon), Bus (Talibon-Trinidad), Motorcycle (Trinidad-Ubay), and Bus (Ubay-Dimiao). It was a full day for me and Brando. A tiring, but fulfilling one. I wasn't able to take many photos. Except for these while waiting in a makeshift waiting shed at Buenavista. 

We left Maribujoc, the hometown of my granny, at nine in the morning. We arrived at Dimiao, which is the hometown of my late grandpa, early evening. What a trip we had. It's definitely one of the days I'll remember when I'm old and forgetful. The towns were just unbelievably cinematic. The western and the quite films I so love to watch came to life. It felt like that. Maybe I'm biased because I love Bohol more than any part of this country way before I even saw Getafe or Buenavista. 

*** Taken in Buenavista, Bohol (28 April) by Linds

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