Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Potted Plants Giveaway Monday!

A Novel Idea Bookshop gave away potted plants yesterday! *happiness*

I’m a mother of three lovely plants namely Petrus (Taheboo), Rudolf (Oregano), and Mary (Lemongrass). Yes, they have names. I would love to have more of them, but I currently live in a tiny condominium unit that isn't really encouraging and favorable for such idea. 

Petrus grows fast. A few months back, I trimmed him to a manageable size given our window also occupies clothesline with clothes to dry. But after just a while he grew back lushly, as expected. Then I got an idea to start planning for the Potted Plants Giveaway Monday! About three weeks ago, I bought small pots at Dangwa and replanted some trimmings of Petrus (Taheebo).

I wouldn't say I’m an expert on this. But I’ve done it several times with various plants that can grow from cuttings - it can vary though from one plant to another. Nonetheless, here are some general tips I can give you from my own experience:

1. Choose the bigger stem (or the mature growth). Cut them slanting. Water is easily sucked in that way. 
2. Do not make the trimmings very long because the water would have a hard time reaching the tip. Just keep them a few inches long.  
3. Use a sharp pruner. I used scissors.
4. It’s better if you soak the tip of the trimmings in water immediately after you cut them off to prevent the pores from closing.
5. Use a good soil. Make sure the soil is wet when you replant the trimmings.
6. Water them.
7. Until you think they’ve grown some roots, avoid moving them unnecessarily.

So the Potted Plants Giveaway Monday happened in my workplace. I brought five little Petruses with me. I was so glad my officemates were interested to take them home. All five of them went to different homes last night. *ultimate happiness*

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